All drop-in/visitor swimmers MUST hold current U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) membership before they can swim with Santa Barbara Masters Swimming. The USMS membership is for insurance and liability purposes. 

Visiting Santa Barbara? We welcome all current USMS swimmers to swim with us. You have the option of purchasing a $15 1-swim pass, making a donation to SBMS, or we will extend a free one-time drop-in to any current USMS member. You must show proof of your current USMS membership! All drop-in/visitor swimmers MUST email us BEFORE arriving at the pool.  Please contact us if you have questions - admin@sbmasters.org.

Drop-in/visitor swimmer 1-swim pass $15
Drop-In Swim

Try Masters Swimming is your chance to try a FREE workout.
Nervous about trying? You might be thinking you need to swim on your own and "get in shape" before coming to a workout. You don't. Whether you're looking to get back in after a long break, improve your overall fitness, or check an event off your bucket list, we've got you covered. We welcome swimmers of all abilities. Go to USMS and complete the one-time Trial Membership Form.